Sujaree Boom Prapinwong

I Love Marimba

Sujaree Prapinwong is the first marimba soloist in Thailand. Born in 1982, Bangkok, Thailand. In 1995, she started her musical journey in the school marching band learning snare drum with Mr. Santi Vrabantoonvit, which prompted her to become a professional musician. Afterwards, she started learning other percussion instruments, as well as marimba, with Mr.Chumpol Techakraisri and Mr. Athasit Watanawongsarat. Pushed by her dream and her passion for marimba, Sujaree entered Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of fine and applied arts, the department of western music to study percussion under the instruction of Mr. Kasem Thipayametrakul. During her time in the university, she co-founded the CU Percussion Ensemble and Neo Percussionism and had been invited to perform as a soloist and a member of the ensembles in Thailand.
After graduated from Chulalongkorn, Sujaree had the enthusiasm more specifically for marimba and decided to study with Katarzyna Mycka, a marimba virtuoso whom she admires, at Paderewski Ignacy Jan Academy of Music in Poznan, Poland; and graduated with a diploma specific in marimba solo. During her study in Poznan, Sujaree had several opportunities to perform in many concerts with her schoolmates and had met Shoko Sakai, whom has become her great influence in many aspects. In 2011, Sujaree attended the 5th . International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy and had master classes with Hermann Schwander, Peter Sadlo, Emmanuel Sejourne, Svet Stoyanov, Pedro Caneiro, Shoko Sakai and Katarzyna Mycka.
Sujaree is an active musician. She performs regularly as a soloist and as a guest musician in Thailand and many other countries such as Japan, China, Germany and Poland. She had collaborated with many world-renowned artists, as well as famous artists from her own region. Among them are Katarzyna Mycka, Shoko Sakai, Maki Takafuji, Mo Hanyin, Hiroko Kamei, Paopun Amnatham, Kasem Thipayametrakul and Chumpol Techakraisri.  
Apart from being an active performer, Sujaree is also an avid educator. She devotes her time in teaching and developing the marimba education after her belief of “Everything has its opposite in order to seeking a balance.” In the future, she also plans to expand the marimba society in her region to make marimba becomes more well-known throughout south-east Asia.


Sujaree started the first Thailand Marimba Festival on 2017 to educate and spread the love of marimba to Thai people. And she wish to continue the festival in every year.
At present, Sujaree is a percussion instructor at Chulalongkorn University, Faculty of Education, the department of Music Education, Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, the department of Western Music, sub-principle percussionist at Royal Bangkok Symphony Orchestra and a percussion instructor at Bangkok Patana International School. She also shows interest in many different kinds of arts and tries to integrate various principles into her playing.


Sujaree Prapinwong is an endorser of Marimba One and Innovative Percussion.