The Second-Hand Mallets Project



is the project which Sujaree has started from giving her own second-hand mallets to the students that cannot buy their own since 2001 until now she has been collected the second-hand mallets from the donation of percussionists in Thailand. We gave it away to students and schools.


When is the project? : Since the project has started, there is no ending. We are always open for donations and giving.

How can I get the mallets? : The only thing you have to do is just "asking". click contact us

Where? : We could send them to you or if you are interested in our free Basic Marimba Workshop you can also tell us. This project's limit is only in Thailand.


links to project's photo albums

The Second-Hand Mallet Project no.2 - Rajavinit Mathayom school

The Second-Hand Mallets Project no.2 - Phayao



The Give-away Mallets Project 


is the project which Sujaree has started since 2012. She would like to help the university students who can't effort to buy their own mallets in Thailand. She donate her own money to buy new mallets for them.


When is the project? : There will be announcement in I love marimba 's facebook page.

How can I join this? : If you would like to apply to this project for the new mallets, please stay in touch with I love marimba's facebook page.


links to project's photo album

The Give-Away Mallets Project